Cursor showing up in the wrong place sometimes at the end of the note

Steps to reproduce

Sometimes when I switch to Obsidian when active window was other app the cursor in the Obsidian appear in the middle of last line and it appear as I cannot move it the end of the last paragraph (but actually there cursor is in the last line)

When I create new line or I start writing the cursor show again in the right place.

Edit: Maybe this is caused by css theme, I am in the process of checking different themes.

Expected result

Couror will always appear where it is

Actual result

Coursor appearing as in the middle of last text line, but really is in the right place


  • Operating system: MacOS 11.0.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.17

Additional information

Sounds like it’s caused by switching CSS themes. Let us know if it’s reproducible on the default theme.

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I’ve started having the same issue. Was using a theme but even after switching to default, the cursor won’t advance within the last seven lines of a note when clicking. The down arrow won’t advance the typing location either. The only thing that works is the right arrow and moving the typing location past every character.

Windows 10, v0.13.19