Cursor jumps when switching to edit mode

I have configured Obsidian to open notes in read-mode by default. After scrolling through the note, I switch to edit mode and find that view jumps to the first line (where the cursor appears), so I have to scroll back to where I was.

It would be nice if switching to edit mode didn’t jump the scroll to the top of the file (even if the cursor appears there). I’d prefer the view to stay fixed at the current position. I can then click to move the cursor where I want it!

That should already be fixed.

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Please make a new post with the bug report template applied.

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@bfc3 As koala said it’s supposedly fixed in one of the Catalyst releases according to the release notes. The next public release will have it.

Fixed issue where the initial switch from edit mode to reading mode causes the scroll position to be lost.

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