Cursor jumps one character on next line when navigating with arrow keys

This is a follow up on this issue which was just resolved in 0.13.20

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a long paragraph/unordered list
  • Place cursor at the end of a line
  • Navigate right with arrow key
  • See cursor moving to the second character in the immediate next line

Expected result

  • Cursor navigating to the beginning (first character) of the immediate next line.

Actual result

  • Cursor jumping to second character on next line


  • Operating system: MacOS Monterrey 12.1
  • Obsidian 0.13.20 – Installer v0.12.19
  • Default theme, no CSS snippets, no plugins running

Additional information

GIF showing bug in action

Jan-17-2022 15-34-15

This is a complex issue and the current behavior is not technically “wrong”. I understand that other editors behave differently. I moved this to FR.

I see. Is there any other case that you would not consider a bug? I am asking because I am now seeing a behavior where, if you place your cursor at the end of a line and press the down key, it jumps one line.

Isn’t this your original bug that was fixed 0.13.20? If not, open another bug report for that specific issue.