Cursor in search box when you click on search tab

When you click on the search tab, it would be great for the cursor to go to the search box so you can start typing without having to click in it


Nice one, but why not just use the shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+F? So no need for the :mouse: at all!

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I’ll probably use the keyboard shortcut now that I’m aware of it, but i’d like this tiny change as well.


This is a minor but helpful suggestion for productivity. When clicking on the magnifying glass icon to search, please activate the cursor automatically in the search field so the user can immediately start typing. Currently the user must click again, in the search field, to start typing.



Cursor in
+ Pre-highlight previous search terms if any

As user pihentagy said, Ctrl Shift F can do both already. Make it your new habit, solved!

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After selecting the search tab, a cursor should automagically be blinking in the “type to start search…” box/field. An extra click in a form/fields box when there is no other option to select is one click too many. Thanks!