Cursor can't change back from arrow to I-beam pointer after using three finger lookup on mac

The cursor can’t change back from arrow to I-beam pointer after using three finger lookup on mac: this problem persists after I disabled all plugins and use the default template.

First, use the template when reporting bugs.

Second, even if you’re just asking for help, it would useful to include more information. What version of MacOS?

Have you tried in other apps? I’d be surprised if this happens in Obsidian, but not in other apps. My guess is this is a Mac bug, and nothing to do with Obsidian. (I might be wrong.)

Does the cursor stay stuck in i-beam even if you switch apps?

Have you tried restarting your computer?

Hello Rigmarole, the MacOS version is Ventura 13.3. I have already tried restarting the computer but the problem persists. Besides, this problem occur only in Obsidian so far(I have tried Textmate, Coteditor and typora, which all worked fine).

To reproduce this problem, one might:
(a) right click a word in Obsidian to select,
(b) click “look up (the word selected),”
(c) close the dictionary tab, and the cursor stuck with the arrow and doesn’t change to a I-beam when hovering over texts.

Thank you so much for your prompt response!

Ok thanks for more info. Oh it’s stuck in pointer. I understood backwards that you were stuck in i-beam.

I can’t reproduce this, but I’m still on Monterey. I’ll give it more testing when I upgrade. Maybe someone else on Ventura can test it out.

When you switch away from Obsidian, does it fix? Or are you permanently stuck? Is there any way you can ever make your cursor unstuck?

What if you use trackpad gestures? (3-click or force click instead of right click.) Does it still happen there too? (Not as a solution. Just as a test.)

Thank you so much Rigmarole. Trackpad gestures doesn’t work either. Switching away from Obsidian wouldn’t help to my regret. The cursor remains a pointer (sorry for the confusion earlier) after switching back.

There are two rather awkward ways to do this, namely
(a) when the cursor, now a pointer, slides past a hyperlink (that inside a […] or [[…]]), it immediately changes back into an i-beam.
(b) when I move the cursor away from the main text body and touch the window of the current tab’s left or right boundary the cursor changes back.

Besides, another interesting thing I discover is that this issue happens as well in this text box where I am now typing. I use google chrome, and everywhere else this doesn’t happen (like google search bar or text box in instagram).

So perhaps that means it could be a Chromium bug in Ventura. But maybe only in certain types of text fields. (I’m not sure.)

I can test, but I don’t know what the three finger lookup is. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Figured out what it is and enabled the setting. Testing…

OK, I can reproduce, and confirm that it doesn’t happen in my other text editor (CotEditor). I probably wouldn’t have noticed it without someone pointing it out.

You can file a bug report, but follow the template this time.

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