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What I’m trying to do

New to this great editor, will be writing essays mainly and would like to update page width but cannot find a plugin for it. I see from another post that someone found a CSS solution but not sure I understand what CSS that is relevant, and where to find the file to update. Thankful for any advice on where to apply a potential solution!

Things I have tried

Did a search through the forums, found 1 post but not sure I understood it all.

What theme do you use? You can do this with CSS, but the easiest way to do it would be using theme settings (which vary wildly theme by theme).

For example, the Minimal theme has custom block widths you can set on a note-by-note basis or for all notes using the Minimal Theme Settings plugin:

The AnuPpuccin theme (using the Style Settings plugin) has a section to set the “Maximum Preview Width” for a note:

Try out some different themes and see if you can find some settings that work for you. If that doesn’t work out, you can always go down the CSS route.


Maybe this CSS-snippet will help you:

/* page width */ .markdown-preview-sizer {
    max-width: 1000px;
  1. copy this snippet under a file name of your choice (e.g. page_width.css) into the folder .obsidian/snippets
  2. activate it in the obsidian settings under “Appearance - CSS snippets”
  3. You can control the desired page width in the snippet with the parameter max-width.

Hello ariehen!

Thanks for this; as it happens I use the minimal theme, so I just installed Minimal Theme Settings and there it was. Very handy. Great to see all these Obsidian community plugins, and just found out that Minimal Theme Settings has a focus mode too! Goodbye to IAWriter


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