Ctrl X - deletes my page. How do I cut and paste within an article

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I am working on some notes and I am wanting to cut a section and move it. But when I use Ctrl X on a PC it deletes the entire page. This is totally frustrating as it is a natural hot key and I keep doing it by accident. any suggestions

If you have not selected any text, and you press Ctrl-X, the editor will cut (not delete, but cut) the paragraph where your cursor is located, as if you had selected that paragraph and then pressed Ctrl-X.

Could this be what’s happening in your case?

Similarly, you can copy the paragraph where the cursor is located by pressing Ctrl-C when no text is selected.

I not exactly sure on my copy on the laptop the Ctrl X and C work as normal, but on my desktop sync copy is where I lost the file multiple time.

Is the behavior still occurring? Is it occurring with other notes?

If it occurred only with one note, and only on one computer, it sounds more like a Sync issue than a Ctrl-X issue.

Does your desktop computer have some other syncing software running as well, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc? Two services (Obsidian Sync plus something else) both trying to sync the same files at the same time can cause issues.

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