Ctrl-X cuts (deletes) entire paragraph!


I have some strange new Problem: With the Cursor (= Insertion Point) in a paragraph without having selected any text and then pressing Ctrl-X, the editor will cut (not delete) the entire paragraph where the cursor is located, as if I had selected that paragraph and pressed Ctrl-X.

This is very annoying, because I repeatedly cut whole paragraphs per accident.

I think, this is new, it only happens in Obsidian, and I don’t have assigned a hotkey for this (and I think there is no hotkey for this anyway).

(Obsidian 1.5.3 on Windows 10)

Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much in advance!

I don’t think there have been any recent changes to the editing shortcuts.

Thank you very much for your answer!

So, this is a feature, not a ‘bug’? Do I understand this correctly: This hotkey (= shortcut) is a non-customizable Obsidian hotkey?

“Cut paragraph Ctrl+X (with no selected text)”

I wonder, how many paragraphs I have accidently deleted already…

Can I get rid of this shortcut?

(Assigning Ctrl-X to some ‘non-distructiv’ action
does not work, because I want to cut selected text)

I’ve never tried to change it (Cmd+X on macOS), but it doesn’t seem like you can. The feature request is here:

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Ah, ok, I have not seen this. Thank you!

This feature request sounds very reasonable, I would say: “accidentally obliterate paragraphs” - yeah…

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