Ctrl+w closes the note, rather than deleting the previous word (Vim mode)

When editing in Vim mode, pressing Ctrl+w will close the note I’m on, rather than deleting the previous word as I would expect from Vim mode.

I also have several other issues, in normal mode Ctrl+d will delete the current line rather than scroll half a page down, Ctrl+f will enter “Find” mode rather that scrolling a whole page down.

Why are Obsidian keybinds prioritized over Vim? Is there anything I can do to fix that?

I was unable to find anything about “vim” at https://help.obsidian.md.

rather than deleting the previous word*

How annoying that I can’t edit the post to fix typos…

+1. The Ctrl+W closing my current note is the very annoying.
Other editors that offer Vim modes (like VS Code or Jetbrain) allow us to configure if a particular keybinding should be handled by Vim or by the editor itself.
Is there any solution to this yet?

I just edited it. Sorry it’s a setting to fight a wave of retroactive-post-edit spam we experienced.

You can unbind or remap the command Close active pane. And there is some kind of vimrc plugin I’ve seen users using. You might be able to configure some of this yourself. Bearing in mind that CodeMirror’s Vim is not a full implementation, and there may be limitations.

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