Ctrl+Shift+Q creates a daily note while the feature is disabled

What I’m trying to do

I want to remove the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Q which creates a daily note to assign it in another software.

Things I have tried

Settings > Core plugins > Daily notes is disabled
Settings > Hotkeys: nothing found for Ctrl+Shift+Q


Windows 10 21h2
Obsidian 1.5.12

Thank you.

It is not possible that a hotkey combination defined within Obsidian overwrites the same keyboard combination in another application. If that does happen, then it is because that hotkey is defined desktop wide, i.e., through your Windows desktop. You should check the shortcut definitions in Windows, at least if I understood correctly that that hotkey also takes effect from within the other software.

I don’t use Windows a lot. As far as I know there’s no Windows settings to set a system-wide shortcut and it doesn’t really make sense :thinking:

The software where I need this shortcut is ClipAngel to open my clipboard history. When I try to set this shortcut in the settings of ClipAngel, I have en error message saying that the shortcut cannot be saved and a new daily note is created in Obsidian right after pressing Ctrl + Shift + Q.

If I close my Obsidian vault, I can use this shortcut with ClipAngel.

It was caused by “Tray” plugin and the hotkey was for “quick note”.