Ctrl+Enter skips past autocomplete of (e.g. brackets) to new line

With the auto pair settings, Obsidian autocompletes brackets, quotes and bold/italics.

If you finish a line of text you can type that autocompleted character and Obsidian intelligently moves past it without duplication. The user can also click or arrow key past the character. Then you can press Enter to go to the next line.

It would be great if you could press Ctrl+Enter (or some other suitable hotkey) to both move past the autocompleted character and move to a new line.

I think that, once learned, this would become efficient for typing as the user can click the same hotkey no matter what the autocompleted character.

Interested to hear if anyone else would find this useful.

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I’ve always struggled with the auto complete of brackets/quotes etc. Because you have to upset you flow of writing to get around the auto completed bit - unless you type it anyway. In which case what’s the point?
I love it for highlighting a word or sentence and then it surrounding that with brackets.
But yes, some escape, skip cmd would be good.
I’m wondering if you even need to have a special command set.
If (enter pressed & one character to the right & character was autocompleted), then skip to end and make new line?