Cssclass not working?

Hey all,

I’m currently trying to make a sheet to use for an upcoming D&D campaign I will be running. I want to use cssclass with the Minimal Theme to add more “pazazz” to my Notes but it appears to not be working.

Everything I’ve seen on the internet says to start by doing:


But as soon as I type “- - -” I get:

I try to use whatever this UI is but it does not work, nor does the dropdown disappear in reader mode. I’m pretty lost (and pretty new to LaTeX and HTML, I’m used to Matlab lol), so if anyone has any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated.

If you choose cssclasses in your screenshot, it’s actually writing


in the YAML of your note. What you see there is just the Properties view - a graphical UI for your YAML. If you switch to Source mode, you’ll see the underlying Markdown.

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