CSS which only affects a single file

Hey, I’m trying to get a line indent for all paragraphs for one specific file, but no others.
I originally had a css snippet set up like this

p { 
   text-indent: 40px;

Which worked, but it affected the entire repository, and I only want it to effect this one file. When it affects the entire repository, things like this happen:

Is there a way to set up some css inside the obsidian markdown file so that it affects the entire file, but not the rest of the repository?

Thank you


Obsidian uses Markdown for formatting. In the example you give, the issue is you have used a Markdown paragraph when you are creating a list.

If you want each item to be a paragraph then you need a blank line between them. If you want to make a list then prefix each line with - .

There is a plugin that supports Fountain Writing Syntax. It may be useful to you.

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