CSS variable broke in 1.5.11

The --link-external-color variable broke for me in 1.5.11, others might be affected too.
Here’s my snippet:

body {
--link-external-color: #66b1fa;

Here’s the sandbox vault, with live preview on the left, reading view on the right, where it does still work.

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You mean the opposite?

Please follow the bug report template next time.

Yes, I corrected the directions.
Is there something from the template that I missed?


Hi :slight_smile:

If you would be so kind to link the template somewhere (I just spent five minutes looking for it and couldn’t find it), I’d be happy to fill it out correctly.

When you create a new bug report, it is prepopulated with instructions and the template to use.
There’s no need to file a new bug report for this. Just please follow the bug report for the future.

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The template links to it too: About the Bug reports category - #11 by system

will be fixed 1.5.13.

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