CSS Snippets

You can edit these files locally with a normal text editor, the way to do so is as follows:

  • Open the folder with your vault in Finder, and hit Cmd + Shift + . , this will reveal the hidden files in that folder
  • Continue navigation to .obsidian/snippets, and there you’ll see all your snippets, and can choose to edit or create new files at your will

Another way to open this folder from inside Obsidian, is to go to Settings > Appearance, and scroll down to CSS snippets and hit the folder icon on the right of that line, which will open this folder in your file explorer. This place is also where you enable/disable your snippets if you desire to do so.

Use CSS Editor plugin

You do need to code the CSS manually, but @Zachatoo has made a plugin which makes this process even easier. You install this plugin, and assign some hotkeys to its command to create, edit or delete CSS snippets. Now you’re allowed to open these within Obsidian, and get proper styling when editing the CSS.

Finally the guide below can also be a good thing to read through to get you started on editing these snippets.

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