CSS snippets (tweaks/fixes) for Obsidian + Minimal Theme - organized into separate CSS files, for fellow hackers


I’m new to Obsidian, and I’m a big fan of hacking away at the UI. I like the Minimal Theme and have chosen to use it to build my personal vault. A lot of community plugins can benefit from a bit of stylistic tweaking, so I decided to share snippets folder as a github repository. It’s constantly being updated as I work on my own vault. Enjoy.


[editor] Replete Typography.css
[editor] Table tweaks.css
[editor] Tweaks.css
[page] Daily Note styles.css
[page] Dashboard styles.css
[plugin] Calendar tweaks.css
[plugin] Checklists - tweaks.css
[plugin] Database Folder tweaks.css
[plugin] Day Planner tweaks.css
[plugin] Full Calendar tweaks.css
[plugin] Heatmap Calendar tweaks.css
[plugin] Make.MD Tweaks.css
[plugin] MySnippets tweaks.css
[plugin] Obsidian Buttons tweaks.css
[plugin] Task Progressbars tweaks.css
[ui] Collapsible Right Headers.css
[ui] Compact File Explorer.css
[ui] Compact Tab Header icons.css
[ui] Custom Separators.css
[ui] File Explorer tweaks.css
[ui] Frontmatter tweaks.css
[ui] Hide Ribbon.css
[ui] Native Scrollbar styles.css
[ui] Outline panel (condensed).css
[ui] Resize Handles tweaks.css
[ui] Statusbar tweaks.css
[ui] Tabs tweaks.css
[ui] View Header tweaks.css

Added a load of screenshots to README in Feature Highlights

Lots of work going on in this repo…

I like the theme called maple very much, but I use the blue theme, and I don’t know how to code, so I can’t decompose the maple theme. Please see if you have time to decompose the maple theme. Thank you very much.

Do you think it would be a good idea to maintain a version with all the snippets combined into one for convenience?

I’ll code anything you want if you pay me enough…

No: GitHub - replete/obsidian-minimal-theme-css-snippets: CSS snippets I've written to tweak Obsidian and harmonize various plugins to suit the Minimal Theme - for fellow hackers.