CSS snippets toggles off all toggled on snippets every time I reopen Obsidian

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CSS snippets toggles off all toggled-on snippets every time I reopen Obsidian. I’m not sure if this is how it supposed to be, but I would like for what I have toggled on to stay toggled on until I manually toggle it off. But every time I close the program and them reopen it all toggles are off. Sometimes one snippet is still toggled on but the rest of off.

Not sure what’s going on or what I can do to keep them toggled on as I have a few and I have to toggle them back on every time I open the app.

css snippet toggled off

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The enabled snippets are stored in the {VAULTNAME}/.obsidian/appearance.json file, so I’d start my investigation there to see if something is messing with that file. e.g. a sync service, etc.

The file may also be malformed in some way. You could try renaming or moving it. When you restart Obsidian, a new file with the default settings will be created.

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I have the same problem and deleting the apperance.json doesn’t work. After restarting it seems to be pulling from a backup and recreates the appearance.json exactly as it was before deleting, and snippets still won’t keep toggled, but only the last ones I downloaded. I tested all of them to see if any was causing the problem, but had no luck yet.

An old version of the file appearing sounds like a sync service may be doing it, as ariehen suggested.

i don’t have any sync service on

OK, so you’re probably seeing the default version, and something may be removing the file. What operating system is this on?

Not sure.
I’m on windows 10

After tinkering with .obsidian folder files, along with the snippets toggle issue, my obsidian started really slowly indexing the vault every time I started it (I have over 4k notes). So I reinstalled obisidian, deleted all obsidian folders from user AppData, and deleted my .obsidian folder. Good thing I had a backup for it.

All fine now!

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