CSS Snippet to get WYSIWYG only for links (`[]()`)?

short version

How to get a link like


to look shorter in the legacy editor (not live preview!)?

long version

Here’s the thing. I love basic text editors. The look, the feel, optimally monospaced and whatever.

I set up my obsidian to behave like a sublime text 3 on steroids (graph view, command palette with obsidian plugins [thank you all!], custom shortcuts all the way, and and and).

It’s great.

But one thing is bugging me in the basic plain text experience.

Links are huuge



Could one construct (is there) a css snippet to “render” the markdown links such that they appear shorter. I guess I don’t really care if it does not look as nice as live preview links, so generally shorter is all I want.

Does someone have an idea?

What have I tried?
In all honesty, I don’t know css well, so I have not tried anything. I’m sorry.

Something like this? If it still works…


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