CSS snippet that gives the active line a different color

Giving the active line a different background color helps us to know where the cursor is and where we are working right now in the note.

Dec-23-2021 15-58-53

/*for legacy editor*/
  background-color: #468eeb33;

/*for live preview mode*/
  background-color: #468eeb33;

Thanks for sharing.

Angel :angel:

@GLight : thanks a lot for this. I had the snippet for CM5 but not for CM6, which is where most of my Obsidian time is spent.

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Lovely! Works great for me! Thank you for the snippet.

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Thanks, this works well!
One question that I have: In the theme I use, the legacy editor deactivates the background-color of the active line as soon as some text is selected.
Now in live preview this does not seem to be the case so that I need to use two different background-colors for selection and active line. I really liked the old behaviour - is it possible to regain it also in live preview?

It does not work for me - every other css code does work except for active line for some reason :frowning: