CSS snippet not being applied, is it correct?

Hi all, to be brief, I’m trying to change the styling of the default ordered lists from


    1. 1.
      1. 1.1.


I am new to Obsidian, but I have installed two community plugins (Better CodeBlock and Latex Suite) so it’s not a fresh install. The CSS I am trying to implement is:

I tried the snippet in this question and it worked, so I know the CSS is working, using linux file gave ascii text, which is the same as plain text iirc so that’s not the issue. I don’t think the plugins are the problem, since the test css code worked.

The only other thing I can assume is that the code itself is incorrect. I am not familiar enough with CSS to debug it so I don’t know what the problem is. I got this code off of an unrelated stackoverflow question, so I wouldn’t know where to start.

Any input is much appreciated. It’s not vital, i.e. I would be able to work around it, but I wanted to match it with my course syllabi this year and they’re all in that format. Plus it makes it easier to associate the topics on their individual pages (1.6.7 Radioactive Decay is more useful than 7. Radioactive Decay because I can tell what overarching topic it’s part of).

(P.S. I did try to get the style to work here but the < style > tag didn’t want to work with it, I assume because it was too many lines or something, I don’t know.)

Could some of the answers in the linked post be of help to you?

That’s more in line with what I was looking for, yes, but I was looking for something that would work in both edit and reading mode.

Thank you though, I’ll try it.

Edit: I didn’t realise that the original code works in Reading mode, but not in Editing mode. I was hoping for something that would affect both but if that’s not possible, thank you for linking something that specifically mentioned reading mode :sweat_smile: I don’t think I would have realised for a while otherwise.

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