CSS Mac OS blur

Hello guys,
It is possible to blur and make semitransparent background of the navigation section?
I would like to archive same look as MacOS finder is doing…so the effect will blur the background under Obsidian app.

It is possible? Or is there any limitation in Obsidian?

Try this CSS to get the effect for the Command Palette. I am not sure if that is exactly what you meant by “navigation section.”

.prompt {
    backdrop-filter: blur(5px) contrast(200%);
    opacity: 90%;

Feel free to tweak to your liking and post better results if you have.

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It looks like it not working… I want that it will blur all the things in background of Obsidian app. It look like it can blur internal elements, but not external.

The picture should be more like this:

Oh I see what you mean now. I am not sure if that is possible with CSS only. Probably has to come form the core app. Perhaps others may have a better idea.

I don’t think this is possible with CSS alone either. There has been attempts to do this though–you can search “frosted glass” in Discord.