CSS Hack: Merge Both Sidebars into one on the right

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I downloaded Obsidian 2 days ago and I pretty much immediately disliked the 2 Sidebars UI.

I don’t need that much information when im writing my Text and a lot of the time I’m hiding both of them anyways.

So I worked on the CSS a little and merged both Sidebars together into a single one on the right side. I think it helps to reduce the clutter and make the UI feel cleaner.

Have a look:

And this is the CSS Code on how to make it work:

/* ***************************************************
********** MERGE BOTH SIDEBARS INTO ONE ************
*************************************************** */
.backlink-pane .search-result-container {
	margin-left: 25px;

.workspace-ribbon.mod-left {
	top: 75px;
	left: unset;
	right: -1px;
	bottom: 0;
	background-color: rgb(255 255 255 / 0);
	height: calc(100% - 40px);

.workspace-ribbon.mod-left .workspace-ribbon-collapse-btn {
	display: none;

.workspace-split.mod-left-split {
	display: none;

.workspace-ribbon.mod-right {
	z-index: 1;

.tooltip.mod-right {
	left: unset !important;
	right: 38px !important;

.tooltip.mod-right .tooltip-arrow {
	left: unset;
	right: -10px;
	transform: rotate(180deg);

Nice. What should I change to have them on the left?

This is interesting, but you do know you can drag panes between the sidebars and have stacked vertical panes to get the same result, or am I missing something?

Haha, i never tried to merge them on the left side. I really wanted it all to be on the right :smile:

I updated the title to be more accurate.

I tried very hard to see from the screenshot that both L,R sidebars are now stacked. So not about dragging panes.

@Alexander-Devie: OK. Never mind about the CSS to have it on the left, I don’t need it anymore. @sam.baron gave me an idea: I dragged what I wanted from the right to the left, and just leave the right collapsed. Cheers.