CSS Comments as Snippet Description

Use case or problem

I use a very large amount of CSS snippets and sometimes I need to disable some or edit them to troubleshoot compatibility with a Community Plugin. With the large amount I have, it can be hard to remember exactly which does what.

I also think the “Apply CSS snippet at …” text that appears underneath every CSS snippet in the list is not particularly helpful.

Proposed solution

Have comments written in the first line of the CSS snippet file appear as a description underneath the title of the snippet in the Appearance menu, replacing the default “Apply CSS snippet at…” text.


*Obsidian screenshot is a mockup made with dev tools.


For a description as short as the example, you could just use it as the filename (tho it may feel unnatural to use spaces if you’re a developer).

Regardless, I support the request. The current “Apply at” text serves no purpose since the snippets are all in the same folder.