Crossed Properties in 2 Files Get Entangled

Whenever I create two files that are related (ex. two opposite concepts) and insert in the properties of each file the link to the other file of the pair, the opposite properties (in the same propriety type) get entangled so that whenever I change one, the other one changes as well. As a result, there is always one of the the two opposite concepts that gets the wrong property: the property that is supposed to link to the opposite concept ends up linking to itself.

Suppose I would create the two opposite files: autonomy and heteronomy, I would put in each a property to link to the other one. In the file “autonomy”, there would be a line in the properties that would specify that its opposite concept is “heteronomy”. But once both opposite concepts are specified in the properties, they get entangled and change together so as to always have the same content. Which means that there is always one of them that is incorrect (because referring to itself).

That is a weird one. Thanks for helping me!

This was reported multiple times. Please search before posting and please follow the bug report when posting. Thanks.

Will be fixed in v1.5. No ETA.

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