Cross table possible?


Let’s say I have 3 persons, There is a file for each person, with the usual personal data.

For these persons, there are several files that define certain activities.
so to say 1:n relations.
(This is a very simplified example)

file: Person
(name, adress, profession etc)

(person_file, date, medium, status)

(person_file, date, object, status)

(person_file, date, duration, status)

(person_file, date, medium, staus)

What I’m trying to do

is there a way to let dataview (or dataviewJS) show the results for each Person like this?
(For example, the status field should be used here.)


Things I have tried

Well, via simple group by this will not work.
i’ve searched the forum and other sources like this:

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