Cross reference UI to search Dataview fields/YAML front matter

I find that having to manually create a query inside a .md is a major weakness of YAML front matter & dataview fields. Tags, on the other hand, allow for easy, on-the-go searching.

The obsidian tag navigator plugin ( has an incredible UI to search through tag cross references.

You have major tag groups, e.g. #topic, #status, #type, etc.

You then have a note with e.g. #topic/a #status/todo #type/note
You can also have multiple topics in one note and so on.

Here’s a screenshot from the dev’s demo video:

Every item in there is clickable/interactive, so you can navigate your way through cross-references

The exact same UI would work for dataview fields + YAML front matter.
You could instead just have topic: a, b, c etc.

I’m not sure how feasible this is, but I thought it should be possible since plugins like excalibrain use dataview as their search engine.

I can pay some for this plugin but unfortunately am rather broke right now ;/

Interesting app, though very hard to use when tags exceed a certain number. All tag options are marked off and I have 4000 notes and several hundred tags. Makes it hard to find what I want as there doesn’t seem to be a way to search certain notes/tags.