Cross platform setup alternative to Evernote

Hi, I’ve been an Evernote premium user since 2010, as a developer I think that rebuild the application from scratch is a bold move, and I tried to be positive, but now I’m sick and tired of all the issues of version 10. I’m paying for a service, not to be a beta tester.

I don’t want for this to be a post against EN, but I’ve to explain where I’m coming from: in the last week I had several synchronization issues and I can’t trust Evernote anymore. My notes and documents are vital to make my day life work and I can’t risk to loose something.

In my current setup I’ve several notebooks shared with my wife (useful notes and documents to handle our home and family) and all my PKM. I use an iMac, an iPhone and an iPad Pro, unfortunately my wife is a Windows/ Android user so I’ve to find a new cross platform solution.

  • OneNote is not an option I really can’t work with it.
  • I tried Nimbus Notes and I didn’t liked it too, also it hasn’t automation support.
  • Joplin in interesting but seems to unstable (also it hasn’t automation support too).

I’m currently thinking about using Obsidian taking advantage of Hazel to file all the documents in the Obsidian’s vault, and using OneDrive to synchronize the data between devices. I also can use OneDrive to search inside the documents of the vault.

I’ve also thought about using Obsidian for the shared notes and DevonThink for the personal ones, taking advantage of its indexing feature. Unfortunately DevonThink To Go has some limitations that make this solution impractical:

  1. it doesn’t have the indexing feature (I think that’s a limitation of iOS), but can only see what has been indexed by the desktop version
  2. it doesn’t handle the double square brackets links.

DevonThink it’s very expensive (the price is appropriate for the quality of the product) and I don’t think I can justify the cost for my workflow, due to these limitations.

EagleFiler is another application I’m evaluating (to keep the file archive in order), but I don’t have tried it, yet.

Do you have any opinion or suggestion about this proposed setup or possible alternative ones?