Cropping images in canvas

Use case or problem

Canvas is great for mindmaps, but it’s also the perfect tool for moodboards. On the other hand the image toolset is incredibly limited. Inserted images are as is, we can only resize them. If I want only a portion from an image I have to go to a 3rd party editor to crop it.

Proposed solution

Use Ctrl/Shift/Alt modifiers to add functionality to the resizing of images. When I press & hold CTRL while resizing an image, it should instead start cropping it from the side I clicked on, as long as I keep my mouse button held down. (This is similar to how PureRef works with inserted images).

The use of modifier keys could add other functionalities like cropping & they could be tied into the hotkey system to customize or disable.

This would add simple functionality to the otherwise limited use of images in the canvas without cluttering the UI.

Current workaround

I have to manually crop images which is a hurdle.

Or I can keep them as is making my boards cluttered.


Поддерживаю! Очень нужный функционал.

Хотелось бы иметь минимальный набор инструментов для редактирования изображений внутри приложения прямо из коробки:

  • обрезка
  • выделение прямоугольником (с возможностью выбрать цвет)
  • подчёркивание
  • размещение стрелок
  • свободное выделение

I’m a PureRef user and wanted to bump this feature request because I currently have to manually crop every image before bringing it into obsidian. This makes collecting reference images for projects painfully slow. Please consider allowing non-destructive cropping in the canvas.

PureRef is incredible software but it doesn’t work well with other types of media and note taking.
I’d love to see more features from that software migrated over to Obsidian.

I second (or third!) this request. I use Obsidian as a lab/engineering notebook and have hundreds of plots incorporated along with notes about said plots. Would love the ability to non-destructively crop down to a region of interest, rather than having to describe in words where to look or what feature I want to highlight.

There is/was a plugin for PDFs (“Better PDF Plugin”) which enabled the definition of a bounding box (BB) to display just a portion of a PDF page. Interface was clunky, since you had to manually define the BB parameters as a string of numbers, rather than dragging and clicking. But I liked it and used it. Ultimately dropped it, because it didn’t offer cross-platform (iPad) support, which is a must for me.

Would love to see similar functionality for any supported image type.

This feature request would be very easy to implement in my opinion, you just add scale and translate to the mix.

A pure css solution isn’t optimal however, bc each and every picture is slightly diff and needs custom adjustments.
A css snippet would add same scale and or translate settings to all pictures on all canvas’es