CRM system in Markdown in Obsidian

I’m using Obsidian for smart notes and also as a simple CRM since it’s so handy and already open all the time.

I create a GitHub Repository to help with sharing of this idea and would like some feedback and help in making it better.

How do you use Obsidian for CRM functionality and what ideas do you have to make this better.

CRM Template:

File name: @Contact Name - Company Name

aliases: “First_name”, “Last_name”, “email”, “(phone”]

Created: Date


Full name

Contact Info

Full name
Address Line
City, ST, ZIP



Date - Summary



Good stuff! I’ve been thinking about this a few times in the past months, and started using Obsidian for CRM late last year. What I find I write down in my crm in obsidian is also things like how I connected to someone. That context is what is missing from e.g. LinkedIn. The subjective info I often find more important than the objective stuff like contact details (which lives in my mail archive and phone anyway), or meeting logs. What I haven’t looked at, but what would be good to create I think is use yaml stuff and e.g. status-tagging with the Dataview plugin to pseudo-automate things. For instance I have a habit that I approach 2 commercial contacts every week outside my current scope of client interaction, just to hear how they’re doing. Tracking a list of contacts I haven’t been in touch with for a while to choose from each week will be helpful.

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