Credit hours tracking using dataview

Things I have tried

I have been looking for an answer on the forums, but have seen how to accomplish my particular situation.

What I’m trying to do

I have to take continuing education courses for my profession. I need to 3.0 courses per year. Most courses are 0.1 credits. I have three years to complete that courses that are required. I have a dataview table that shows me the courses I have been accruing by using a tag with years I have to complete them, such as #2020-2022.

I would love to have inline formula that gives me a total of how many I have completed at the bottom, but am not sure how to include three years of info. I can’t just add up the number of classes I’ve completed, as each class can have a different number of credits.

This is my current dataview table

table Without ID
Date-Completed AS "Completed", CEUs-Earned AS "Earned", AS Course, Maintenance-Interval AS "Interval"
From #✅Completed AND #2020-2022 
sort Date-Completed asc

Under near I would like to have a line with the total finished like this
Completed Total:: =

CEU’s earned is where I put the total credits I have earned per class. That way I can make sure I have enough when my recertification comes up. Thank you!

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