Creating vault dynamically on the fly

Hello. Can I create a vault dynamically on the fly (from blank folder or folder with md-files) via command line and then open it in Obsidian? Is there any way to do that? Thanks.

I’m not sure I understand, but if you create new files/folders outside of Obsidian in a vault, then Obsidian will detect the new stuff automatically.

And if you’ve got a folder already with files, you can open that as a vault using open folder as vault option.

Do either of these solve your issue?

I seem to remember a very old thread about that. Someone was trying to generate a large number of vaults based on projects or something.

I am not aware of any built in ways to do this. All that defines a vault is the folder/files, and the .obsidian folder of settings.

So if you had a template vault, you could easily copy that via command line, and then name things appropriately. As one idea.

Opening it automatically in Obsidian? That I don’t know. You can open vaults via the Obsidian URI scheme. So if you generate a known name, you could likely use that. But the vault would likely have to be appended to the list of known vaults first. (Unless you can use a full path.)

I can’t understand, how to open vault via command line. How to make a shortcut.

  1. creating a template vault (from prepared empty folder), naming it (via script, it’s on my own)
  2. put in folder a bunch of md-files.
  3. run a command like “obsidian.exe -vault”.
    Can I do like that?

Have a look at the documentation for


Combining some scripting on your own and either of these, it seems doable.