Creating tasks that have three possible states instead of two

What I’m trying to do

Is there a way, maybe with a plugin, to create tasks which allow not only the uncompleted/completed couple of states but rather have three states? I imagine having a default list of recurring tasks in my notes (via a template). But not all of these tasks should show up immediately as “incomplete”, as they do when there’s no x in the brackets. Rather I’d like a state “inactive” (the default one). Then when I decide the task needs to be done I will mark it as “pending” and as soon as it’s completed I can mark it “done”.

Thanks for your ideas!

I think you can already do this. E.g.:

- [ ] Something
- [?] Something
- [x] Something
- [!] Something

will all be recognized as different task states. created a popular task CSS snippet to handle some of these:

Different plugins and themes manage task “states” differently.


Your first code example doesn’t do anything, but I’m looking into the snippet and adapting it. Thanks!

Sorry, yes, it doesn’t do anything obvious. But in the background Obsidian recognizes the character you put between the [ ] and then plugins and CSS can use that data, like the snippet above.

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