Creating Resilient External Links to Obsidian Files

Hello All,

I am running into a workflow issue with using Obsidian URIs. I would love to get some advice from you all.

I would like to have a resilient external link to an Obsidian note that withstands the note being renamed or moved around in my Obsidian vault.

Use Case

  1. I will create a task in Things to write a piece of text (e.g., video script, email, software documentation, etc.) in Obsidian.
  2. I (or an automation) will create a blank Obsidian file with an initial file name in a logical place in my Obsidian vault.
  3. I will get a link to that file and add the link to the notes field of the task in Things.
  4. As I work on the document, a better name for the file might emerge, or the project might grow to be bigger than expected, so I might create a folder in my vault and move the file into it.
  5. When I try to use the original link in my Things note, the link will be broken.

I use the workflow above with Drafts. The Drafts links can be created to the document’s UUID, and the link persists through file renames and movements.

I have reviewed the Obsidian documentation here, and I don’t see an option to create a link that would be resilient in the way I hope it would be.

Thanks for any advice you can share here!


When I begin reading your explanation of the use case, I was under the impression that there was a single note that you wanted to link to. In this case, I thought a good option might be to have a note that embeds the chosen note. This way, if the chosen note changes names, the note you linked to will still show it.

But then I continued to read your use case, and realize that you will be having many notes linked to from the tasks, and it wouldn’t make sense to have duplicates for each one. Regardless, I think it is an interesting workflow, and would love to have something similar set up using Todoist and Obsidian. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Yes. I also want this feature link. An URI attached to a note’s uuid instead of filename/folder structure will be useful for me.

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A note doesn’t have a uuid by default using Obsidian, but you can create and use uuids (or similar ids when creating the note) using templater or similar, and create your own system where you use titles for your files instead of file names.

As far as I know that is also the only way to have resilient URIs, as otherwise a URI stored elsewhere can’t be updated by Obsidian when you rename a note with Obsidian. And currently there is no redirect feature within Obsidian with also could be a related approach for such a use case.


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