Creating new note in a folder, based on active workspace

Hi there,

I want to have a dataview of my last 10-20 notes that I have created, and which are not work-related. But as I use one vault for work and for my private stuff, that becomes tricky.

The easiest approach I see is, to use folders to separate my private notes from the work notes. Until today, this is a lot of hand work for me, because all my new notes a stored in the top folder level. … yeah I know, there is this setting, to specify another folder for new files, but as I switch a few times per day between my private and my work notes, that’s also not a very handy approach.

My idea is:
I think it would be helpful to be able to set the ‘folder to create new notes in’ based on the active workspace.

What would you suggest, to separate work-notes from private-notes?

Thanks in advance,

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