Creating new in new pane

Use case or problem

When opening the open dialog: Ctrl-O you get these two options

  1. Use Ctrl in addition to Enter to open in new pane
  2. Use Shift in addition to Enter to create a new document

You can only do one of the options, not both. This is a problem if you want to create a document that partially matches another document. Option 1 opens the old document. Option 2 does not open a new pane.

Proposed solution

Make Ctrl-Shift-Enter create the document and open it in a new pane.

Current workaround (optional)

  1. Shift-Enter to create the document (in same pane)
  2. Go back in history (mouse button or keyboard shortcut) (in same pane)
  3. Open open dialog Ctrl-O
  4. Search for new document
  5. Ctrl-Enter to open it in a new pane
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will be implemented in 0.13.18

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