Creating links between notes without using titles

What I’m trying to do

I want to use obsidian to take notes during my classes. My notes are usually bulleted and I name each note with the lecture date. Is there any way that I can link the same topic together between lectures? For example, one lecture may talk about “ACSM recommendations for exercise” and another lecture will elaborate on that topic. Can I link them together so they can be in one location without manually creating notes with the title about the topic?

One way or the other you’ll need to create notes with any title or naming convention you choose.
Then organizing the separate notes can be achieved in various ways.
See here, for instance:

One way to handle such a situation would be to add properties to describe the lecture. You could have one property naming the class in general, and then have topic (or similar) to describe the topic that class in particular covered.

Having this metadata would then enable you to later on build queries pulling together all files in a given class, or related to one or more topics.

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Seems like you could just create tags for such things? #ACSM recommendations for exercise

You might have to format it slightly different, all of the tags I use currently are one word. then you can use tag view or search tags to find everything about that subject?

You could use tags, but when I know it’s going to be a specific area, like classes, I want to separate that out into a property, so that I don’t pollute the tags with something I’d want to look at independently of other tags.

It gives a proper namespace for the classes, and/or topics. This makes querying a little easier instead of having to select some of all the tags…

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Workaround 1

You can link to block.
I do not recommend.

Workaround 2

  1. Make sections inside class note, like:
  1. Create new note All ACSM
  2. Create link manually to sections
    Use link to section
    [[2023-12-21#ACSM]] or ![[2023-12-21#ACSM]]
    Use Dataview plugin.

While taking notes I would make a link to [[ACSM recommendations for exercise]] but not click it, thus leaving the note uncreated. Then when I wanted to read about that topic I would create the note. All the lecture notes that link to it will be linked/previewed in the Backlinks tab of the note, and you can revisit them or process them or whatever.

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