Creating Flashcards Mochi's Style

Navigating though Andy Matuschak’s notes i found on his notes some examples of how integrate SRS into his notes, he mentioned Mochi, which is a web-based Markdown-centric Note-writing system with an integrated Spaced repetition memory system.

After messing around a little bit with Mochi, i found it very promising. It would be wonderful the possibilities to:

  • Generate flashcards inside Obsidian with simple prompts;

  • Link Notes and Cards Together;

  • Review the cards inside Obsidian

  • Export the cards to Anki.

Here is a video from their website demonstrating the workflow

Sorry about my english, it’s not my first language :slight_smile:


Actually write the whole Anki as a plugin for Obsidian. The promise with Obsidian (like VSCode for programmers) is the customization and extensibility of third party plugins.


check out:


I know it’s been a while but…

You can now create your cards inside obsidian and export them to Mochi directly with the Mochi Cards Exporter plugin.

I made the plugin because I grew fond of both Mochi and Obsidian.

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feel free to post a plugin in share and showcase