Creating a useful link graph for a new research project

Hi everyone! I’m starting a bit of a research project, and would love to get some help with how to organize it.

I’d really like to be able to use the link graph to visualize all of the topics of research, questions I have, and then how my zettlekasten system fits into that. However, I’m struggling a bit with how to organize this and have the graph view just show what I want.

Currently, I have all of my “topics” in a specific folder, that way I can create a graph view from that folder, without all of my unrelated notes showing up. However, I feel like this wont be very conducive to my zettlekasten system, needing to move my (what I call atomic notes, my reworded notes from source materials) into this folder.

Any recommendations or ways that y’all go about it would be super helpful!

You might want to explore the Juggl plugin:

Personally, I really like @nickmilo’s Map of content (MOC) concept. This is a good video that demonstrates how to use MOCs. Organizing this way makes your notes look like floating planets all connected to each other with internal links. This has helped me to grasp my notes.

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