Creating a table with dataview based on array

Things I have tried

I have read through post trying to find a solution to create nested tags with arrays and didn’t get it to work. Now I’m wondering if i can reach my goal with dataview.

What I’m trying to do

Every week I write a note in my students records based on our weekly talks. I want to track if i missed talks when the student is absent.

Alternative ways to store the data:

As a title for the talk:

[[2022-08-25]] Week::34

As nested tags and arrays i YAML:

tag: talks/[34,35,36]

Can’t get this to work with tags

Direct with Dataview in YAML:

Talks: 34,35,36

I want the data to be displayed like this:

| Student   | 34 | 35 | 36 |
| Student 1 | x  | x  | -  |
| Student 2 | -  | x  | x  |

An x marks that the number in the heading is present in the students file och a dash marks that the number is absent in the file.

It this possible to to? I have some knowledge in SQL but my paths with JS won’t travel any far.

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