Creating A Table with A “Tag” Filter That has a link to a Notepad

Hey All

I Just started with Obsidian with no coding or excel knowledge etc.

I’ve been trying with Smart Lists + Dataview + Advanced Tables to create a dash board of sorts that helps me with generating new articles.

I believe I need a table that pulls everything With the Tag ”Topics”to Be Listed in column 1 with

4 Columns next to it that run a Filter/selection for 3 Tags + for 4 Tags + for 11 Tags + for 10 Tags and

1 Column with a link to a new note/writing page

Would it be possible that each unique combination of filters has a dedicated - linked notes/writing page?

Not sure if what I’m asking for is a stretch…racked my brain even trying to out it in words…any help would be much appreciated!

What I’m trying to do