Creating a signature block for meeting minutes

Hi, I’m creating a template to use for meeting minutes and I’d like to add a signature block to the bottom of the template so when I export the notes there is a place for the secretary to sign.

Something like this:

Signature: ____________

Name: _________
Date: __________

When I attempt to do it in the note, when it renders it only shows 2 or 3 underscore spaces.

Signature : __

Name: __
Date: __

Any ideas on how I can make the lines longer in the output?


Have you tried escaping each underscore with a backslash?



Bare underscores are used for bold and italics.

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That works perfectly, thank you.

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If you wanted it to look like a block, you could use a table.

For example:

| Signature | <img width=300/> |
| Name      |  |
| Date      |  |

Formats as:



Thanks Angel, that looks great.

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