Creating a Quote Database

Would it be at all feasible to make a separate database for quotes that I like?

I’m mainly interested in using the graph view, which is a little difficult for a good chunk of quotes due to line breaks and punctuation marks like “:” and “?”.

How would you relate the quotes to eachother?

Would you note the topics or subjects of each quote? Relate them by time period?

Assuming you’d have author pages.

Don’t mention the word ‘database’ around here… hehe :smiley:

Great question, I’d like to relate them by subject matter, i.e. Writing, Self Development, etc. And yes, definitely by author as well.

I’d try make the not title the killer part of the quote or a good one phrase summary of the quote.

In the note include the quote and then [[link]] to the Author and any subject matter.

The Author and subject matter notes don’t need to exist yet, and they’ll still show up in the graph. And as both are text in your notes, they’ll both show up in search.

As things develop, you can start to. Hold the Author and Subject Matter notes into something like Maps Of Content (MOCs).

I’m thinking along the same lines. I probably have ~800+ quotes right now, so I may hold off until I’m sure I want to use Obsidian for it. Thanks for the response!

I have thousands of quotes stored by Authors, in approx 1k± files. Which can then be linked with books by those authors. #tags for what it is about, just to be specific.

If anyone has any tips or tricks to smoothen the flow, I’d be interested.

I’d give Authors their own notes instead of tags since an author might link to many different quotes.

Same for Books as books can have and/or reference many Authors as well as have many quotes.

I don’t know how to automate this unless you can automate surrounding the Authors and Book Titles with wiki link brackets.

In your current system, are their text flags like “Author: " or” Source: " you can use to identify where the Author or Title are in your files?

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Would appreciate it if you could clarify on that, thanks!

Or if this about workflows, maybe moving #knowledge-management makes more sense?

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