Creating a plug in that counts syllables per line for songwriting and poetry

I just recently converted over to and started using Obsidian and the possibility of creating a plug in like this would be a DREAM! I have no coding experience, but I envision a simple plug in that would update the syllable count # on the left margin of each line.

I’m curious to know, for those who have experience creating plug ins for Obsidian, is this possible and how simple or difficult would it be to execute?

I am ideally wanting to create a new vault for all my lyric writing. With the addition of this type of plug in I would be amazed! I would love to learn more if anyone has any input. Thanks!

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For reference, there is a program called “Verse Perfect” that has this feature, along with rhyming dictionary and more. I figured I can include this for anyone who cares to see the example in action. Is there a way to “extract” that specific code or feature and use it to make the Obsidian plugin?

Im really new to this so please excuse my inexperience and ignorance for how this works.

any help?


I took an interest in this as an amateur poet/programmer. I’m basing the planned feature-set based Rhymer’s Block. Let me know if you’d like other features and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks, looking forward to seeing the results. I was hoping somebody would do this!