Creating a page referencing a hashtag and all the instances in which this hastag is present alongside the paragraph/sentence preceeding it

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to have a page where I can see all the instances of a certain hashtag. For example, when I’m reading or watching something and I find a great quote, I like to add #quote ad the end of the quote. Then, I would like to have a “quote” page where I can see all the quotes. But not just the hashtag, or not the entire note. Just the paragraph or sentence that preceeds the #hashtag.

Things I have tried Wrapping my mind around Dataview queries, but I still don’t fully get it. I also tried the tag wrangler “tags page” but it doesn’t seem to allow me to do what I’m looking for. If there is a plugin that allows me to do that seemlessly, I would appreciate. Thank you!

Thank you for the help!

You can use an embedded query, with this syntaxe:


Some plugins will allow you to change the appearance of embed queries, like:

  • better search view
  • query control

If the tags are on the same line as the quotes, do what the post above this one suggests.

If the tags are on a separate line from the quotes, you will probably need to use a search with regular expressions, and even that might not work.

Tags officially apply to whole notes. They effectively also apply to single lines because of how the search result previews work. Anything in between is a problem.

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