Creating a Mind Map using linear like graph structure in Obsidian

I really like the graph view of Obsidian that makes it different from other note making apps like OneNote, Evernote (my primary detailed note making app). The graph view is divergent shaped with all the inter-related nodes connected to a centric note or to one another.

However I also wanted a progressive mind map like view in order to track & analyze a particular category of info with time. I am studying for a competitive exam where I need to be updated about the current news & various topics in it. Not only I need to simply remember the current happenings but also have to develop opinions for different subjects. Opinion building can be possible if apart from the knowledge u get from the books, you are also updated with what is happening around you & how it is evolving & inter-connecting with various things you know already.

So what I did is to filter the graph using the path: filter in order to filter out only a specific category subject notes. The notes are such that each note is connected to the previous & the next note using wikilinks. For e.g. if I have notes 1, 2, 3 then the note 1 will have the wikilink of note 2 & note 2 will have the wikilink of note 3. This will ensure we get a linear shape of our graph in order to visualize the flow.

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