Creating a link of an Obsidian Note to imbed in a google doc

I’m totally new to Obsidian but I haven’t been able to find the answer to this question yet. I’m trying to create a link to a Vault that I can embed within a Google Doc. Is this possible?

What do you want to have happen when you click the link? Open the vault? Or a particular file within the vault?

You can definitely do the latter using the Advanced URI plugin, and with the Obsidian API that it uses.

For example, paste something like this in your doc:


This, when clicked on any device that has Obsidian and the Advanced URI plugin installed, will open the file that is in the folder called Notes.

If you wanted to open that file at a particular heading, you could use something like this:


Which would open the note Misc at the heading Checklist.

You can do this kind of thing in the native Obsidian API, and it’s well worth reading.

Thanks for the quick response. I tried the Advanced URL and I keep getting an error to use a valid URL. In a perfect world I would like to have a URL that opens a specific vault from Google Sites

I’ve tried the examples I gave you, substituting my own note folder, name, and header, and they work for me. However, if you’d rather use the basic built-in Obsidian API, the documentation for opening a note is here:

To open a note in a specified vault, you’d use something like this:


To open a note at a specified heading:


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