Creating a library for online multimedia files

I found some threads here about timestamping youtube videos and such, but i think of a different and more simple approach. make a library of online videos to use it with yaml and dataview. Taking metadata of a video from youtube api and making a note for that. adding timestamp is going to be very easy if it is in the special note for that video. then using block reference to link to that note in our research notes. the only issue for me is that getting the metadata from youtube api and making a note in a predefined folder in obsidian vault and naming it correctly. what you guys think.

Is there a easy-way to do that? for example using a javascript inside my browser? I am not familiar with js and hopinga for a quick solution that is going to be handy for many to use.

You can use Hook to make a new Obsidian note with YouTube video title, URL, and time stamp.

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that is fantastic, but unfortunately i am not using an apple device, is there any similar solution for a windows user?

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