Creating a journal - How can I formatt and automattically link yearly, quarterly, montly, weekly, and daily notes?

Hi all,

I am trying to create a journal in Obsidian. After various attempts, it has become clear that I lack the skill and time to make this work. So, I humbly request your help.

I try to do two things:

  1. Automatically create periodic notes the formatting as listed in the table below*.
Period Format Example
Year Y 2021
Quarter Y [Q.] 2021 Q.4
Month Y-MM MMM. 2021-12 Dec.
Week Y-MM [Wk.]W 2021-12 Wk.48
Day Y-MM-DD ddd. d MMM. Y 2021-12-04 Sat. 4 Dec. 2021

*Currently, I am using gggg because Y did not seem to work in the periodic plugin.

  1. Automatically link my periodic notes by using daily, weekly, etc. templates that enables an overview and easy browsing between the current, previous, and following daily, weekly, etc. note.

E.g. to

  • move from today’s daily note to a daily note from the previous or following day.

    • I have tried this, but failed to make it work. It does show the YYYY-MM-DD correctly, but not the part “ddd. d. MMM. Y”
      [[<%“YYYY-MM-DD ddd. d MMM. Y”, -1, tp.file.title, “YYYY-MM-DD ddd. d MMM. Y”, -1) %>|<–]] | <% tp.file.title %> | [[<%“YYYY-MM-DD ddd. d MMM. Y”, 1, tp.file.title, “YYYY-MM-DD ddd. d MMM. Y”,1) %> |–>]]
  • include all days, weeks, months in a weekly, monthly, or quartery note, respectively. Based on ISO 8601

    • A week would automatically include 7 days.
      - Day 1 [[Y-MM-DD ddd. d MMM. Y]]
      - Day 2 [[Y-MM-DD ddd. d MMM. Y]]
      - …
      - Day 7 [[Y-MM-DD ddd. d MMM. Y]]

Any help is greatly appreciated.


EDIT: changed “d” to “D” in the daily note format. Now it shows 5 Dec. instead of 0 Dec.

You can check the templates I use for my notes, it is the same idea but I use different formatting, so you might wanna change that.

Daily Notes - DD-MMM-YY
Weekly Notes - YYYY-[W]ww
Monthly Notes - MMMM-YYYY
Quarterly Notes - YYYY-[Q]Q
Yearly Note - YYYY

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Thank you Nihit, the templates were helpful. Each day is linked to a week now. Also the first part, “Y-MM-DD”, in the daily format, “Y-MM-DD ddd. d MMM. Y”, is automatically formatted.

I have included a screenshot from a daily note for 11-12-2021 (made on 9-12-2021) that shows two remaining issues for the daily note.

  • formatting the title correctly.
    the note is made on the 9th, not the 6th and, more importantly, is not showing the date for which the note is made. This seems to affect the formatting above the title too.
  • formatting the second part of my daily format “d MMM. Y” in “Y-MM-DD ddd. d MMM. Y”

How can I make the title and second part of the daily format show the correct date?

For additional info, I also created a note for 12-12-2021. For some reason, it translates the template to “Sun. 0 Dec. 2021”. So the day in text, month, and year are correct but not the day number.

It took me some hours to figure it out & I have exams at the moment so I don’t have the time now to test it with the format you mentioned. Take a look at this & see if this helps.

  • Check the format set in the settings of periodic notes plugin; they should match with the format used in the templates

Hope your exams went well. And thank you so much, it works now!

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