Creating a image gallery

Things I have tried

Does anyone have tips on how to create a gallery of multiple local images?

Currently, On a Mac, I select multiple images, copy and paste into the markdown page and then manually add the md link. ![[ at the front of the link and ]] at the end. All very manual!

What I’m trying to do

I’ve downloaded a trial version of Keyboard Maestro, and I can run a little macro, but it’s $50, and even then, I just end up with the images all one after down the page. I’d love to be able to create a grid of thumbnails

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Well, you can drag&drop images to note.
They will be added as “![[image]]”.


Thanks! I clearly didn’t know that. Any thoughts on how they might be formatted as a grid of thumbnails?

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As i know, obsidian doesn’t provide any options to format images as grid of thumbnails. You should check community plugins, maybe someone already done plugin with this functionality. Also, I think, you can manually create table and put images in cells, but it will be very manual too because you will have to create thumbnails by yourself.

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Check the gallery plugin

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Thanks for the tips re working with images. I tried just dragging and dropping the files and it works great. However, and it’s tricky to explain this bit, I’ve got a sub-folder called ‘Images’ and when I drag them to the mark-down page it COPIES the photos to the top folder. So there’s now 2 copies and the photos are listed in the list of pages, which doesn’t look great. The thing I can’t figure out is, if I delete the newly copied photos, the Obsidian page still displays them, obviously now looking at the original sub-folder! What gives? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Looks like obsidian doesn’t check initial path for file, so it just copy even if you add images from initial attachment folder (@WhiteNoise should we consider it like a bug?). For obsidian it’s “you moved files from outside of obsidian, I’ll copy them”.

Obsidian page still displays them

It’s because if file have unique name in vault,obsidian will recognize which file you’re looking for only by it’s name.
For now, I think best way to work with your usecase is:

  1. Open note.
  2. Pin it (3 dot’s to the right of the title → pin)
  3. Select images in obsidian via shift+click. (Upd: I have just found that you can also select multiple files also via alt+click.)
  4. Move them to note.

But I don’t work with many images in obsidian, so maybe there is a better way to do what you want.

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Thanks for the tips, much appreciated. I’ll give it a go.

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