Creating a graph based on Folders - plugin help

What I’m trying to do

Hey all,

I’m a complete newbie (as in, a couple of hours into my Obsidian journey). My first project is organizing my thoughts around my sport (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) So what I’m trying to achieve is having an overarching folder called BJJ, with subfolders called things like Open guard, with sub-folders within the sub-folder called the specific position. Within those sub-sub-folders there are in general 4 notes (Attacks, Passing, Sweeps, Transitions).

I’ve downloaded Waypoint, as I understood this was not a feature immedialy available within Obsidian, however, I try to create a note within the sub-folder with the name Open guard (i.e the same as the folder) and I add the %% waypoint %% but I get an error message (see below) and nothing happens in the graph view.

What I’d like to see in the graph view is a node called for example Butterfly (which is inside open guard in the screenshot), with a link to the 4 notes within that folder. And then obviously the same for all others. I then plan to link these bigger nodes together.

Any help is appreciated, and if I posted this in the wrong forum please have mercy on a poor newbie :slight_smile:

Does either the folder name or the note name have an extra space after the last letter?

Settings > Waypoint > Folder Note Style should be set to “Folder Name Inside.”

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